Castor Oil
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Castor oil is called castor oil in English, which is a vegetable oil. It is an oil that is not used today, but has been used by our elderly for a long time. It is also called as mulch oil. Kuki castor oil contains antibacterial properties which removes many of our problems. Have trouble with skin or hair or our bodies. Castor oil comes out of castor seed. Pressing the seed of the seed is processed and oil is released under the processing process.

Castor oil is used as a medicine in Africa and in the Indian subcontinent. Castor oil contains Vitamin E, Protein and Omega 3 and 9 which are considered to be good for good hair and glowing skin. In addition, castor oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore castor oil is used as a home remedies.

Not only this, it is also beneficial for the health of our children. Castor oil is slightly thick and yellow in appearance. Nowadays, people like Organic Products, they like it too, and in the same way, you will say that you can use castor oil orgic or natural just by the market. This oil is very famous all over the country as it is used in various cosmetics, soaps, textiles, massage oils and even davaoo.

Anything or item has some advantage and loss. The difference is how do you use it. Let’s go get what the advantages of castor oil and how to bring it in the way that we have lost our daily life.

Castor Oil

Benefits of castor oil

1) The skin prevents aging of castor oil

Any woman, she does not want to look old soon. For castle, castor and this prevents the skin from getting old. Castor oil When we look at the skin, the skin penetrates deeply and enhances the production of collagen and alestine and helps to soften and hydrate the skin. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Also softens the skin.

2) Advantages of castor oil to reduce the swelling of the skin

Castor oil is a boon to treat inflammation due to dry skin, sunburn and pimples. For this, after soaking the cotton ball in castor oil and putting it on the swollen place, after 1 hour, it provides relief in inflammation. As well as the skin is soft.

3) Use of castor oil to remove stain blot

Castor oil is used to remove facial scars and black marks. It works slowly so it is necessary to use it regularly.

4) Castor oil to make the skin moisturizer

Castor oil is a better option for smooth and soft skin. That’s why you can choose cheap and natural skin moistorizer that is looking for castor oil. You should massage this oil by cleaning your face thoroughly and slowly.

5) Use castor oil to remove foil

Most people run away from the oil in the acne skin, because oil oil pores holes and increases their problem. But castor oil is a beneficial ingredient to reduce the acne. After washing your face with hot water, slowly massage your face with oil and after putting it overnight, wash it with cold water the next day. Castor oil has risinolic acid, which fights with bacteria caused by acne.

6) Benefits of castor oil for long black hair

Omega 9 essential fatty acids in castor oil, which is very beneficial for healthy and long hair. Castor oil increases the growth of hair as well as ends the problem of balo’s screw, dandruff and itching. Its massage can make you dense and long. This oil enhances blood circulation of the ROM.

7) Use castor oil to remove stretch marks

Stretch Marks is a mark in pregnancy which every woman dreams of, whether they are low or not. But in the last two months of pregnancy this happens more. If it is not kept in mind then it becomes very much. Therefore, if we use castor oil in the last two months of pregnancy, it can stop it as it contains fatty acid. ha) Use of castor oil for the treatment of ringworm

Castor oil contains an acid called underealenin, which is very useful for the treatment of herpes. Applying 2 spoons of castor oil in 4 teaspoons of coconut oil helps in relieving it in an area of ​​herpes.

9) Castor oil prevented from having white hair

If your hair starts getting white before time, then you start making castor oil. Applying castor oil can prevent you from losing your hair color as it is a popular method. This is very useful for the treatment of your Dry and Damage Hair.

10) Use of Castor Oil to fill the dough

Castor oil contains antibacterial properties which are used to fill the dough. It is effective for the treatment of cuts and scratches. It is beneficial in reducing inflammation and at the same time helps to remove the pain.

11) Castor oil for treatment of arthritis and back pain

Castor oil also gives us much relief in the pain of arthritis. This is a very good solution, because of the properties which reduce the inflammation of Kuki castor oil, it provides relief in joint pain, nerve inflammation and muscles. Take a piece of cloth and soak it in castor oil. Extract the excess oil from the extract and then cover it with a plastic wrap by placing it on the affected area.

12) Castor oil to strengthen immune system

Castor oil helps promote immune system. Externally, the number of t-11 cells increases. Which is absurd in the body of defense mechanism. In T-11, the cocoa contains antibodies against pathogens and toxic substances which promote better health.


If you have a problem in periods i.e. using castor oil, you can get rid of this problem. Castor oil has emmenagogue properties which eliminate all the problems related to periods.

Benefits of castor oil for babies

1) Provide moisture to children’s skin

To provide moisture to the children, castor oil comes to the mother’s first place very long ago. Massage of castor not only affects the skin of the baby but also brings unique glow to the baby’s skin. The skin of the child is very dry, especially the part of the nail and the stomach and the middle of the tongue, The area of ​​the body of the organ. This relieves the infant’s skin from the discomfort caused by the happy and lifeless skin.

2) Relax from the baby’s sprain

In earlier times, mother used to wear cotton clothes nappy for her children and cotton cloth was a natural thing, hence the children did not have any problem. But the time has changed and it is a common thing to wear a diaper instead of cotton cloth nappy. But this is not suitable for the baby’s skin. CUCKS become researched on the baby’s skin.Undecylenic acid is found in very high amounts in scrub oil. Famous for fighting fungal and bacterial transmissions. By applying oil in the affected area, relief from diapers and itching from the diaper.

3) Castor oil for the development of children’s hair

Children’s skin and hair are very small and they are not suitable for the manufacture of products manufactured by chemical processes. The castor oil is irrigated by the Jaro SE of Balo, making it beautiful, dense and strong. Applying just a little oil on the head of the baby, the hair is grayed out.

4) An effective laxative for children is castor oil

Castor seeds are very effective and famous laxative which is used to regulate bowel movement. Because of its deodorant, large people consumed it as capsule and the child in liquid form But if you put it on the area around the child’s malaria, it will be very easy for the child to quit bowel movements.

5) Use of castor oil in relieving infants with colic pan

Many times you will have seen that the children sometimes start crying constantly or in the night. The main reason for the crying of the child is the colic pan. The gas accumulates in the stomach of the Kuki’s child, so that he starts crying. This is a very common thing in the child and you can remedy it with castor oil. Quke is a successful nature treatment. To treat this pain, boil water in a bowl to boil. Open the decoction of castor oil bottle and submerge half of that water and let it warm. Do not heat too much. Just heat lightly and massage slowly with your hands. It will be relieved.

6) castor oil for the pain of children’s muscles

Children’s muscles develop and thereby they sometimes have pain in children. Massaging with castor oil brings relief in a few moments.

7) Damage of castor oil for children

As if anything is used in a limited amount, then it does not benefit, otherwise it can do harm too. When we use castor oil, it is important to keep the baby away from the mouth or eyes. Such is the toxic protein in the bead of the caste, but it is said that neither should it be kept safe. Before taking any further steps, you must consult the doctor and then take the advice.

Side Effects of castor oil

If we get any benefit from using anything, we have to bear some of its losses too. Often, after consuming anything more than a limited amount, it starts to lose. You must have read about the countless benefits of castor oil in the information provided by us, but do you know that by using it in excessive quantities, it also gets harmful for us.

Therefore, we are telling you about the 10 side effects of castor oil, which you do not even know about. So learn about the side effects of castor oil

1) Castor oil is used to get rid of skin irritation and eczema problems, but sometimes it can also be harmful to your skin, so while using it first make sure to check that Whether or not your skin is right. If you use it on the untested skin then you may also have red rash. If you are getting red spots on your skin, consult your doctor without delay.

2) Castor oil is used to remove from the gas related diseases in the body, to remove constipation, but if it is used incorrectly and more than a certain proportion, it can also be harmful to our digestive system. . More use of it causes problems like vomiting or groaning.

3) Castor oil is used in the problem of gas or constipation, but taking more of it can lead to diarrhea. Therefore, it is recommended to take a regular dose while consuming it. So that you can avoid problems like diarrhea.

4) If castor oil is used in a limited amount, then it gives better results for your skin. If it is used in a large quantity, then it starts reducing the skin with itchy irritation. That causes the skin to become a problem, so use it according to Drops.

5) Muscle impedance is one of the common side effects of castor oil. If you are also seeing some such symptoms when you massage the body with castor oil, then stop using castor oil.

6) Use of castor oil is considered to be very beneficial for the skin, but if your lips, eyes or tongue swollen due to its use, stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.

7) If you have a dizziness when using excess oil of castor oil, it is the symptom of allergic reactions. For this, you should immediately take anti-allergic medication which helps in reducing its side effects.

8) If you are having problems in using the castor oil, it is also one of its side effects. If using chest pain is increasing due to the use of castor oil, stop using it and consult the doctor immediately.

9) Keeping the use of castor oil for a long time, there is a shortage of potassium in the body, which can cause dehydration for your body. Therefore, the use of castor oil should not be used regularly.

10) Using castor oil can cause cardiovascular problems if the flow of blood in your body is causing obstruction. Stop using it in such a condition and get your treatment immediately.

11) Castor oil should not be taken from the pregnancy of cortisol. Cucci can also be proud, so do not take it for consultation without taking a doctor.

So this oil has many advantages and also the harm is not the same body of every person. Therefore, you must say that before taking the castor oil upyog karne you must consult your doctor first.


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