Walmart Settlement Payment: $500 in Direct Payments Will Be Sent to Affected Americans

After the controversial false advertising, Walmart has agreed to pay a settlement worth $500 to selected Americans.

$500 in Direct Payments from Walmart

A class-action lawsuit was filed in Florida last year against Walmart for false advertising. Complainants claim that Walmart has been overcharging for certain pay-by-weight items, including bagged citrus products and some meats.

According to an article published in The US Sun, Walmart has agreed to pay a total of $45 million in settlement payments. Additionally, affected customers can receive a maximum of $500. Despite this, Walmart denied any of the allegations. The company said, “We still deny the allegations; however, we believe a settlement is in the best interest of both parties.”

Walmart Settlement Payment
Affected Americans will receive a maximum payment of $500 from Walmart Settlement Payment. (Photo: Getty)

How Do I Receive Settlement Payment from Walmart?

An article published in FOX News reported alleged overcharges for fruits like oranges and grapefruits sold in mesh bags. Moreover, meat and seafood purchases were also implicated.

The settlement payment affected Walmart customers can receive will depend on how many items they can attest to purchasing.

Those without receipts can receive between $10 and $25, but those with purchase receipts can receive up to $500.  Furthermore, the application deadline for the Walmart settlement payment will be on or before May 22, and claims can be filed online.

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