Badshah’s Net Worth 2024

According to reports, Badshah’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million as of 2024. His annual income is said to be about $5 million. Badshah is an Indian rapper, singer, and producer who has become one of the biggest musical acts in India. With his unique blend of Indian and western sounds, Badshah has gained immense popularity over the past decade. He is now one of the highest paid musicians in Bollywood.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Badshah was born Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia on November 19, 1985 in Delhi, India. He developed an interest in music early in life and started rapping and writing lyrics as a teenager. Badshah graduated with a degree in civil engineering but decided to pursue his passion for music.

He started his career in 2006 alongside Yo Yo Honey Singh in the hip hop group Mafia Mundeer. The group gained recognition in the underground hip hop scene in Delhi but disbanded in 2012. This is when Badshah decided to go solo and released his debut single “DJ Waley Babu” in 2014.

Rise to Stardom

The success of “DJ Waley Babu” catapulted Badshah to fame in the Indian music industry. The catchy dance song became a huge hit and topped the charts. Badshah followed this up with other popular singles like “Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai“, “Kar Gayi Chull”, and “Mercy”.

His ability to blend western hip hop beats with Indian influences gained him immense popularity among the youth. Badshah soon started getting opportunities to work in Bollywood film soundtracks. His songs in movies like Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Khoobsurat, and Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety became major hits.

Badshah’s distinct style of rapping in Hindi combined with his flair for catchy tunes has defined his sound. He has collaborated with leading artists like Akon, Pitbull, and Iggy Azalea which has expanded his global appeal. His music videos are known for their grand visuals, colorful costumes, and high production value.

Becoming a Top Music Star & Judge

Badshah is now firmly established as a leading artist in the Indian music industry. He has won numerous awards and accolades recognizing him as the most popular rapper in India. He is the only Indian artist to be featured by Spotify on Times Square billboards.

The rapper has expanded his career by judging reality television shows as well. He has been a judge on MTV Hustle, India’s first rap reality show and a coach on The Voice India Kids. Badshah will also be seen judging the upcoming season of India’s Got Talent along with Kirron Kher, Shilpa Shetty, and Manoj Muntashir.

His success has made Badshah one of the highest paid musicians in Bollywood today. He charges around Rs. 7-10 million per song in movies. The rapper also earns through brand endorsement deals with companies like Yoodley, Axis Bank, and more.

Badshah’s Net Worth

According to reports, Badshah’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million as of 2024. His annual income is said to be about $5 million.

The primary source of Badshah’s wealth is his career as a musician. He earns a massive paycheck from Bollywood for composing and singing songs in films. Brand endorsement deals are also a major contributor to his income. Badshah charges a fee between Rs. 50 lakh to 1 crore per sponsored Instagram post depending on the brand.

Badshah also monetizes his YouTube channel which has over 70 million subscribers. His music videos get millions of views which in turn generate steady revenue for the rapper. Touring and live performances are another avenue for Badshah’s earnings.

The rapper owns several luxury cars including a Rolls Royce Ghost, Mercedes AMG G63, and BMW 7-Series among others. He lives in a lavish designer house in Mumbai valued at around Rs. 30 crore. Badshah is known to enjoy vacations in exotic destinations like Las Vegas, Paris, Thailand, and Dubai.

The musician leads a luxurious lifestyle supported by his rap career, Bollywood songs, and endorsement deals. Badshah’s Net worth is only set to grow in the coming years as he continues releasing music and takes up high-paying work opportunities.

Key Takeaways from Badshah’s Success

  • Badshah created a distinct musical style blending western and Indian influences which appealed to Indian youth. This unique sound was key to his meteoric rise.
  • Collaborations with international artists expanded his visibility globally taking him beyond just the Indian audience.
  • Monetizing his YouTube channel with music videos that garner millions of views has added to his wealth significantly.
  • Judging reality shows has provided another revenue stream while increasing his celebrity status.
  • Composition and playback singing for Bollywood films remains Badshah’s most lucrative source of income.
  • Brand endorsements and sponsored social media posts allow him to monetize his fame.
  • Investments in luxury assets like cars, properties and vacations gives Badshah an affluent lifestyle befitting a top rap star.

Badshah’s journey proves that with talent, versatility and smart financial moves, it is possible to build a fortune in the Indian music industry. The rapper’s net worth stands as a testament to his meteoric success over the past decade.

Charity & Philanthropy

Despite his tremendous wealth and stardom, Badshah has remained actively involved in philanthropy. He has donated generously to various charitable foundations focused on helping the underprivileged in India.

In 2020, Badshah donated Rs. 5 lakh to the CM Relief Fund supporting people affected by floods in Assam and Bihar. He has provided financial assistance for the medical treatment of critically ill children from poor families.

The rapper has also created the Badshah Foundation to spearhead his philanthropic efforts in a more organized manner. The foundation provides scholarships to economically disadvantaged students to help them pursue higher education. It also funds surgeries for people who cannot afford medical treatment.

Badshah regularly auctions his personal items like clothes and accessories to raise funds for charity. In 2018, he auctioned his black glasses worn in the ‘Kaisa Mera Pyaar’ video which fetched Rs. 1 lakh for a charitable organization.

Through his foundation, the rapper has pledged to build homes for families living in urban slums. Badshah also uses his celebrity status to spread awareness about social causes like environmental conservation and voting rights.

Remaining Humble Despite Fame

Badshah has earned tremendous fame, success and wealth at a relatively young age. However, the rapper has remained remarkably grounded despite his stardom. He credits his middle-class upbringing in Delhi for his humble attitude.

The rapper is very close to his family members including his parents and sibling. Badshah has a policy of prioritizing his family over his work commitments. He makes it a point to take his parents on a vacation every year.

Badshah prefers to spend time at home with family and close friends rather than partying. He has a policy of replying to every fan message he receives on social media, no matter how long it takes. The rapper comes across as very approachable and down-to-earth.

While he enjoys his success, Badshah works just as hard as he used to during his early struggling days. The rapper has not let fame get to his head which is admirable considering his wealth and stardom. Badshah serves as an inspirational figure for aspiring artists showing that success and humility can go hand-in-hand.


Badshah’s journey from an aspiring rapper to one of India’s highest paid musicians is truly remarkable. His unique brand of music combining western and Indian influences has won over millions of fans. Smart financial decisions like monetizing his YouTube channel and endorsements have enabled Badshah to build a fortune estimated at $12 million.

However, just as admirable as his success is Badshah’s humility and generosity despite his tremendous wealth. He remains grounded and dedicated to helping the underprivileged through philanthropy. Badshah serves as an inspirational figure, exemplifying how fame and humility can go hand-in-hand. The rapper’s story proves that through talent and perseverance, it is possible to achieve great success without compromising one’s roots.

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