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Hamish Harding’s Net worth  is estimated at around $200 – $300 million NZD today. Hamish Harding is a New Zealand entrepreneur and investor who has made a fortune in the technology industry. He is best known as the co-founder of ActionPoint, a software company that was acquired by Quest Software in 2001 for $56 million. This lucrative exit catapulted Harding into the ranks of the wealthy, with an estimated net worth of over $100 million.

So how did Harding go from a college dropout to tech tycoon? Here is a look at his journey to riches and what we know about Hamish Harding’s net worth.

Early Life and Education

Hamish Harding was born in 1975 in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. He studied computer science at Victoria University of Wellington but dropped out after two years to focus on starting his own business.

Even as a student, Harding displayed entrepreneurial drive. He launched his first company, a web development firm called IBD Interactive, in 1994 at the age of 19. He ran this startup successfully while continuing his studies.

However, his academic career would prove short-lived. Harding’s passion lay in building tech companies, not studying computer science theory. So in 1996, he left university to concentrate full-time on business ventures.

Co-Founding ActionPoint

In 1998, at just 23 years old, Harding teamed up with business partner Sean Tomlinson to co-found a new startup called ActionPoint.

The company focused on web-based sales force automation software and was an early mover in the space. ActionPoint’s timing was perfect, as demand for CRM and SFA solutions was exploding in the late 90s tech boom.

With Harding serving as CEO, ActionPoint gained traction quickly. By 2001, just three years after launching, the company had over 300 employees and offices in Australia, UK, and USA.

Annual revenues reportedly reached around $45 million. Major customers included Cisco, Nortel, and Target.

Multi-Million Dollar Acquisition by Quest Software

Riding high on rapid growth, ActionPoint caught the eye of Quest Software, an American enterprise software firm.

In March 2001, Quest acquired 100% of ActionPoint shares for $56 million in cash. This valued the company at over 5 times revenue.

At just 26 years old, the sale made Hamish Harding tremendously wealthy practically overnight. Financial details were not disclosed publicly, but the acquisition price suggests Harding’s stake was worth tens of millions.

For Quest Software, the deal provided an expanded product suite and entry into the CRM market. For Harding, it cemented his reputation as a rising star in New Zealand’s technology scene.

Investing in New Zealand’s Tech Ecosystem

Following ActionPoint’s sale, Harding used his newfound wealth to continue investing in NZ’s emerging technology sector.

In 2003, he co-founded Maven Networks, a US cloud computing company with R&D operations in New Zealand. Maven would later be acquired by Yahoo in 2008 for approximately $350 million.

Harding also became an active angel investor, using his own capital to fund dozens of early-stage startups. He had a reputation for taking bets on ambitious founders trying to solve big problems.

Some of his angel investments included companies like Xero, Vend, Timely, and LayBuy. Several went on to become “unicorn” companies valued at over $1 billion.

Harding served on the boards of many of these startups, offering guidance and networking support. His reputation and Rolodex became invaluable to accessing Silicon Valley resources.

Stakes in Vend & LayBuy Worth Tens of Millions

Two of Harding’s most successful angel investments were in retail tech companies Vend and LayBuy. His early and large stakes in these fast-growing startups contributed significantly to his net worth.

Harding invested NZ$250,000 into Vend in 2012 for a 23% stake in the seed round. As the company raised larger VC rounds, this stake was diluted down to single digits.

But when Vend raised $292 million in 2018, this valued the company at over $1 billion. Even with dilution, Harding’s stake was likely worth tens of millions at the time.

With LayBuy, Harding also got in early. He invested $650,000 in 2016 for a 16% stake.

When UK firm Zip Co acquired LayBuy in 2021 for $80 million, Harding’s share was estimated to be around $24 million for the deal.

These two holdings alone suggest Harding has earned many multiples of his fortune from ActionPoint’s sale. His angel investing generated significant wealth through smart bets in high-growth startups.

Wealthspan Family Office & Passion Projects

To help manage his family’s wealth and business interests, Harding founded the Wealthspan group in 2009.

This family office provides investment management and financial services to Harding, other high-net-worth individuals, and families.

Wealthspan also oversees some of Harding’s passion projects in the arts and entertainment industry. This includes his stakes in film finance companies General Film Corporation and IFG Group.

Harding is also part-owner of susceptiblenz.com, a pop culture and entertainment website. He seems to enjoy diversifying into these creative areas outside core tech.

Real Estate & Other Assets

In addition to startup equity stakes, Harding has invested in real estate, public markets, and other asset classes. However, details are sparse as most of his investments are held privately.

Some known real estate holdings include a $5 million luxury home in Queenstown, NZ and a $17 million mansion in Santa Monica, California.

Harding also owns several Ferrari sports cars and collects fine wine. Overall, he seems to enjoy some of the toys and trappings afforded by his tremendous wealth.

But he is not known for an overly lavish lifestyle, often dressing casually and flying economy class. Harding seems to live comfortably but remains focused on technology and entrepreneurship.

Philanthropy & Non-Profit Initiatives

Harding is also a active philanthropist, having signed The Giving Pledge to donate at least half his wealth to charity during his lifetime or in his will.

He supports several educational causes in New Zealand, including the Harding Foundation philanthropic organization he formed with his wife. The foundation provides scholarships and funding for disadvantaged youth.

Harding also funded a multi-million dollar technology wing at Wellington College. Other local non-profits he has supported include the Wellington City Mission and St. Paul’s Cathedral School.

Overseas, he donated $1 million to help build a school in Nepal. Harding maintains a global outlook with his philanthropy.

Hamish Harding’s Net Worth Estimates

Although Harding keeps a relatively low public profile, he is widely recognized as one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs to come out of New Zealand.

But because he does not openly discuss his personal finances, Harding’s exact net worth is unknown. There have been various estimates over the years:

  • In 2017, the NBR Rich List estimated his wealth at $100 million NZD.
  • The following year, Harding debuted on the NZ Herald Rich List at #83 with $150 million NZD.
  • The latest 2021 estimate from NZ Herald pegs his net worth at around $200 million NZD.

Given the continued growth of Vend, LayBuy, and his other investments, it is likely Hamish Harding has a net worth somewhere between $200 – $300 million USD today.

Much of this derives from the sale of ActionPoint and his angel investments in unicorns like Xero, Vend, LayBuy. Harding epitomizes the potential for huge wealth creation in technology entrepreneurship.

Key Takeaways On Hamish Harding’s Net Worth

  • Harding struck gold as co-founder of ActionPoint, selling the company to Quest Software for $56 million in 2001.
  • He invested proceeds into New Zealand’s startup ecosystem as an active angel investor.
  • Early and sizable stakes in Vend and LayBuy generated tens of millions in wealth for Harding as these companies scaled globally.
  • His family office Wealthspan manages investments across technology, real estate, entertainment, and other sectors.
  • Although he maintains a low profile, Hamish Harding’s Net worth  is estimated at around $200 – $300 million NZD today.
  • He has pledged to give away at least half through philanthropy, focusing on education and youth causes.

Hamish Harding’s story offers inspiration on how immense wealth can be created through technology entrepreneurship and savvy angel investing. His net worth serves as a testament to Harding’s business acumen and ability to multiply his fortune over a successful career.

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