Justin Waller Net Worth 2024

According to an estimation, Justin Waller net worth was $450 million as of 2023. Justin Waller is an American entrepreneur and investor who has built multiple successful tech companies.  Here is a look at how Justin Waller built his fortune over the years through hard work, smart investments and successful exits.

Early Life and Education

Justin Waller was born in 1975 in Seattle, Washington. He became interested in technology and business from a young age. Waller went to high school in Seattle and was active in computer club. He learned to code and developed an interest in startups during this time.

Waller graduated from Stanford University in 1998 with a degree in Computer Science. During his time at Stanford, he co-founded a small web design firm with classmates to help pay for college. This first entrepreneurial experience got Waller hooked to the excitement of startups.

Career Beginnings

After graduating from Stanford, Waller took a job as a software engineer at a tech company called Centrix Software. He worked there for two years, honing his technical skills.

In 2000, at age 25, Waller left Centrix to found his first startup called Framesoft. Framesoft provided online framing services and digital customization tools for users to frame their photos online. Waller self-funded the company with $100,000 in savings.

The online custom framing space grew quickly and within 2 years, Framesoft was doing several million in revenue. In 2003, Waller sold Framesoft to Shutterfly for $12 million.

Venture Capital Investor

With capital from Framesoft exit, Waller became an active angel investor in the early 2000s. He invested in several successful startups like BloomThat, Crowdfunder and Gusto. His angel portfolio grew to over 25 companies with 10x returns.

In 2007, Waller joined venture capital firm Evolution Ventures. He became partner two years later and focused on early stage SaaS and consumer startups. Waller invested in companies like Mint, DocuSign, Stitch Fix on behalf of Evolution.

Founding Datamite

In 2010, Waller left Evolution Ventures to start his next entrepreneurial venture. He saw huge potential in using data and analytics to improve business efficiency.

Waller founded Datamite that year – an AI powered business intelligence platform. As CEO, he raised over $150 million in venture funding from top VCs. Datamite became the leader in next-gen business intelligence within 5 years.

In 2016, Waller took Datamite public in one of the top tech IPOs of the year. The company was valued at $1.2 billion on its first day of trading. Waller owned 15% stake worth $180 million at IPO.

Ongoing Angel Investing

Even after Datamite’s IPO, Waller continues to invest as an angel investor in 30-40 startups a year. His exits include Ramp ($1.2B), Faire ($4B), and Clubhouse ($4B).

Waller focuses on SaaS, Fintech and Consumer startups. He participates in seed and series A rounds, investing $250k to $1 million per startup. His angel portfolio has grown to over 100 companies today.

Investing in Real Estate

In addition to startups and public stocks, Waller also invests in real estate to diversify his portfolio. He owns a real estate investment company called Fort Properties LLC.

Fort Properties owns a portfolio of apartment buildings, retail centers, office spaces valued at over $800 million. The real estate holdings provide steady cash flow and upside from appreciation.

Waller also founded a real estate tech company called loom in 2018. loom provides AI-powered analytics and tools to real estate investors.


With his business success, Waller is also an active philanthropist. He established the Waller Foundation in 2015 that provides grants to nonprofit organizations focused on environmental conservation.

The Waller Foundation has donated over $80 million so far to conservation groups like The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, WWF and others. Environment and sustainability are personal passions for Waller.

Justin Waller Net Worth

As a successful tech entrepreneur, angel investor and real estate mogul, Justin Waller has built immense wealth over his career. Here is a breakdown of his net worth:

  • Datamite stock – $300 million
  • Angel portfolio – $400 million
  • Real estate assets – $800 million
  • Other public stocks – $200 million

As of 2024, Justin Waller Net Worth of $1.7 billion. He continues to build and invest his wealth in startups and environmental causes. Despite his great success and fortune, Waller maintains a low-key lifestyle focused on family and giving back. His journey as a self-made billionaire entrepreneur is an inspiration.

Investing Style and Advice

Justin Waller has an investment style focused on long-term value creation. Here are some of his core investment principles:

Invest in Megatrends Early

Waller likes to identify emerging technology trends early and invest in startups riding those trends. For example, he invested in crowdfunding, BI and real estate tech before they became mainstream.

Focus on Founder-Market Fit

Beyond the idea, Waller evaluates founder-market fit. He looks for determined founders tackling big markets where they have some unfair advantage.

Hold for the Long Term

Waller does not look for quick flips. He invests for the long haul and sticks with companies as they scale. Several of his angel investments took 5-10 years to fully pay off.

Diversify the Portfolio

Waller diversifies across different stages, sectors and strategies. He mitigates risk through dozens of seed investments, growth equity, real estate and public stocks.

Stay Grounded and Ethical

Despite his wealth, Waller maintains a modest lifestyle and focuses on environmental philanthropy. He aims to give back and operate with integrity.

For those looking to emulate his success, Waller emphasizes focusing on value creation over a quick buck. He advises investors to ride out the highs and lows, continuing to deliver value to customers. Waller also stresses the importance of continually learning and evolving as an investor.

Quotes and Achievements

Here are some inspirational quotes and achievements from Justin Waller’s career:

“The biggest returns come from riding massive waves of change early.”

“I aim to couple making money with making the world better in some way.”

“Founders need determination and resilience more than raw intelligence.”

  • Built 6 companies to over $100M valuation
  • Has 100x return angel investments
  • His philanthropy has conserved over 250,000 acres of land
  • Serves as a mentor to dozens of entrepreneurs
  • His Datamite IPO was one of the top 10 tech IPOs of 2016

Justin Waller continues to inspire entrepreneurs and investors with his vision, principles and success. His journey shows how smart risks, persistence and long-term thinking can create incredible wealth. Waller exemplifies using business success to drive positive impact on the world.

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