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This article will take a closer look at Mike Weir net worth, his professional golf career, earnings, endorsements, investments and philanthropic efforts.

Mike Weir is a Canadian professional golfer who has had an impressive career spanning over 25 years. He is best known for winning the 2003 Masters Tournament, becoming the first Canadian man to win a major championship in golf.

In his career, Weir has won eight PGA Tour events, including the Masters. His success on the golf course has allowed him to earn a considerable net worth estimated to be $25 million.

Early Life and Amateur Career

Michael Richard Weir was born on May 12, 1970 in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. He became interested in golf at a young age and started competing as a junior golfer. Weir had a successful amateur career, winning the Canadian Amateur Championship in 1990 and representing Canada in international competitions.

He attended Brigham Young University in Utah on a golf scholarship, winning NCAA championships in 1992 and 1993. Weir turned professional in 1992 at the age of 22.

PGA Tour Career and Major Championship

After turning pro, Weir competed on the PGA Tour’s satellite tours in 1993 and 1994. He earned his PGA Tour card for the 1998 season by finishing 14th at qualifying school.

In his rookie season, Weir had two runner-up finishes and earned over $500,000. His breakout season came in 2000 when he won his first PGA event at the Air Canada Championship.

Over the next few years, Weir established himself as one of the top golfers in the world. He won four PGA events in 2003, including the biggest victory of his career at The Masters. Entering the final round tied for the lead, Weir shot a 68 to win by three strokes and become the first Canadian Masters champion.

Weir remained a consistent threat on the PGA Tour over the next decade, winning two more events in 2007. He last won on tour in 2007 at the Fry’s Electronics Open. Throughout his career, Weir has represented Canada proudly in international competitions including the Presidents Cup.

Career Earnings

According to the PGA Tour, Mike Weir has earned nearly $28 million in official career earnings. This ranks him 80th on the all-time money list. His single best earning season came in 2003 when he won over $6.9 million including $1.17 million for his Masters victory.

In addition to prize money, Weir has earned millions more annually in endorsements and appearance fees over the peak of his career. He has been one of the highest earners among Canadian athletes.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

During his prime golf years in the early 2000s, Weir’s success and popularity led to lucrative endorsement deals with several major companies.

His sponsors have included Citibank, Ford Motor Company, Titleist, Rolex, Royal Bank of Canada, and Telus. Weir appeared in print and television ads endorsing products and services from these corporations.

Having the Master’s champion and top Canadian golfer as a sponsor proved highly beneficial for these companies. Weir’s endorsement earnings likely exceeded $1-2 million at his peak.

Investments and Business Interests

In addition to golf earnings and endorsements, Mike Weir has made wise investments and business moves to grow his wealth.

He opened Mike Weir Wine Inc. in 2005 to produce and sell his own label of wine products. His wines reflect Weir’s pride for his Canadian roots.

Weir also partnered with Sandbox Investments to open Bright Barrel Brewers and Roasters in 2019. The company specializes in craft beers and cold brew coffees.

Weir has also invested in real estate by building and selling custom homes. His business ventures combined with stock market and other investments have contributed significantly to his $25 million net worth.


Giving back to the community has been an important part of Weir’s career. In 2004, he started the Mike Weir Foundation to aid children’s health and wellness charities across Canada.

Some of the key initiatives supported by Weir’s foundation include the following:

  • Mike Weir Miracle Golf Drive for Kids: Annual fundraising golf drive for children’s hospitals.
  • Mike Weir Charity Classic: Celebrity golf tournament that has raised over $5 million for children’s charities.
  • Mike Weir Walk for Miracles: Walkathon fundraiser for children with disabilities.

The foundation has raised millions to provide medical equipment, treatment facilities, and programs to help Canadian children in need.

Weir has also been involved with numerous other children’s charities over the years. His generous philanthropic efforts have made a real positive impact across Canada.

Mike Weir Net Worth Summary

Here is a quick summary of Mike Weir net worth:

  • PGA Tour career earnings: $28 million
  • Endorsements and sponsorships: Estimated $10+ million
  • Investments and business income: Estimated $10+ million
  • Real estate and stock holdings: $5+ million

Total Mike Weir Net Worth: $25 Million

The majority of Weir net worth has come from his golf winnings and endorsements. Savvy investments and business ventures have also contributed to his current estimated $25 million net worth.

While Weir is in the later stage of his golf career, he continues to be involved in new business projects, philanthropy, and occasional Tour events as he transitions to post-playing days.

At age 50, Mike Weir’s journey from Canadian junior golfer to major champion and multimillionaire has been remarkable. His impact on golf in Canada will be felt for generations to come.

Mike Weir has lived an extraordinary life in the world of golf. He achieved what no other Canadian male had done by winning The Masters in 2003. That major championship victory highlight a career that has earned him well over $25 million in prize money and endorsements.

Weir proved that a player from a cold weather country could rise to the top of the golf world. His eight PGA Tour wins are a Canadian record. He also gave back generously through his charitable foundation.

At age 50, Weir is now in the twilight of his playing career. But he has laid the groundwork for financial security well beyond his playing days. Weir’s business ventures and investments will provide income along with his golf course design company.

Weir’s impact on Canadian golf cannot be overstated. He inspired many junior golfers to follow in his footsteps. Weir demonstrated that with talent, preparation, and perseverance, Canadians could compete with the world’s best.

While Weir’s Masters title came early in his career, he remained competitive for over a decade after on the PGA Tour. His grit, determination, and playing style made Weir a fan favorite.

As he enters the next phase of his life, Weir will be remembered as a pioneering Canadian golfer. His historic Masters win and $25 million career net worth etched his name in the annals of golf forever. Weir made his country proud and paved the way for Canadians like Brooke Henderson to emerge as stars.

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