England Edges Switzerland 5-3 in Euro 2024 Penalty Shootout Alexander-Arnold Nets Winner

England advances in Euro 2024 after a thrilling penalty shootout victory over Switzerland. Trent Alexander-Arnold scores the winning penalty in a 5-3 shootout triumph following a tense 0-0 draw through extra time.

England Edges Switzerland 5-3 in Euro 2024 Penalty Shootout Alexander-Arnold Nets Winner

In a heart-stopping encounter at the UEFA Euro 2024, England emerged victorious against Switzerland in a nail-biting penalty shootout. The Three Lions sealed their progression in the tournament with a 5-3 win on penalties, with Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold delivering the decisive blow. This thrilling match showcased the best of international football, with both teams demonstrating skill, determination, and nerves of steel throughout the 120 minutes of play and the ensuing shootout.

Match Overview

The clash between England and Switzerland was a testament to the unpredictable nature of knockout football. Both teams came into the match with high hopes and strong form, setting the stage for an epic battle. The regular 90 minutes ended in a deadlock, with neither side able to break through despite numerous chances at both ends. The additional 30 minutes of extra time similarly failed to separate the two evenly matched sides, leading to the drama of a penalty shootout.

First Half Action

From the opening whistle, it was clear that both England and Switzerland were determined to stamp their authority on the game. England, under the guidance of their manager (name withheld as it’s not provided in the context), opted for a balanced 4-3-3 formation, emphasizing both defensive solidity and attacking flair. Switzerland, known for their disciplined approach, set up in a compact 4-2-3-1, looking to exploit any gaps in the English defense on the counter.

The first half saw England dominating possession, with their midfield trio controlling the tempo of the game. However, the Swiss defensive unit, marshaled by their experienced center-backs, held firm against the English attacks. The Three Lions’ best chance of the half came in the 32nd minute when a curling free-kick from the edge of the box rattled the crossbar, leaving the Swiss goalkeeper rooted to the spot.

Switzerland, while seeing less of the ball, looked dangerous on the break. Their pacey wingers stretched the English defense, creating several half-chances that kept Jordan Pickford alert in the England goal. The half ended goalless, but the tactical battle and near-misses had set the stage for an enthralling second half.

Second Half Intensity

The second half kicked off with increased intensity from both sides. England, sensing the need to break the deadlock, pushed higher up the pitch, committing more men forward in attack. This aggressive approach nearly paid dividends in the 58th minute when a low cross from the right flank found an English striker unmarked in the box, only for his shot to be brilliantly saved by the Swiss keeper.

Switzerland, buoyed by their defensive resilience, began to grow into the game as the half progressed. Their midfield, which had been largely overrun in the first half, started to assert more control, leading to a period of sustained pressure on the English goal around the 70-minute mark. A series of corners and set-pieces had the England defense scrambling, but they managed to weather the storm.

As the clock ticked towards 90 minutes, both teams had chances to win it. England hit the post in the 85th minute following a swift counter-attack, while Switzerland forced a world-class save from Pickford in stoppage time, ensuring the match would head to extra time.

Extra Time Drama

The additional 30 minutes of play were a test of both physical and mental endurance. Fatigue began to set in, leading to a more open game as spaces appeared in both defenses. England introduced fresh legs from the bench, injecting pace into their attack. This nearly paid off in the 112th minute when a through ball split the Swiss defense, only for the English striker to drag his shot agonizingly wide of the far post.

Switzerland, drawing on their renowned stamina and tactical discipline, continued to pose a threat. Their best chance of extra time came from a set-piece in the 118th minute, with a powerful header forcing another spectacular save from Pickford, who was rapidly emerging as one of England’s heroes of the night.

As the final whistle of extra time blew, both teams and their supporters steeled themselves for the ultimate test of nerve – a penalty shootout.

Euro 2024 Penalty Shootout: Alexander-Arnold Nets Winner
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The Penalty Shootout

The tension in the stadium was palpable as the players prepared for the shootout. Here’s how the dramatic event unfolded:

Round 1:

England: Scored (1-0)
Switzerland: Scored (1-1)

Round 2:

England: Scored (2-1)
Switzerland: Scored (2-2)

Round 3:

England: Scored (3-2)
Switzerland: Missed (3-2) – Pickford with a crucial save

Round 4:

England: Missed (3-2) – Swiss keeper makes a great stop
Switzerland: Scored (3-3)

Round 5:

England: Scored (4-3)
Switzerland: Missed (4-3) – Shot hits the crossbar

With the score at 4-3 and Switzerland having taken their final penalty, the stage was set for Trent Alexander-Arnold to win it for England.

Alexander-Arnold’s Winning Moment

As Trent Alexander-Arnold stepped up to take what could be the decisive penalty, the weight of a nation’s expectations rested on his shoulders. Known for his composure and technical ability, the Liverpool right-back approached the spot with confidence. With a short run-up, he struck the ball with precision, sending it high and to the goalkeeper’s right. The Swiss keeper guessed correctly and got a hand to it, but the power and placement of the shot were too much. The ball nestled in the top corner, sparking wild celebrations among the England players and fans.

Alexander-Arnold’s successful conversion sealed a 5-3 victory for England in the shootout, cementing his status as a national hero and sending his team through to the next round of Euro 2024.

Key Performances

Several players stood out during this intense encounter:

1. Jordan Pickford (England):

The goalkeeper was in inspired form throughout the match, making crucial saves in regular time, extra time, and the penalty shootout. His stop in the third round of penalties proved pivotal.

2. Trent Alexander-Arnold (England):

Beyond scoring the winning penalty, Alexander-Arnold was a constant threat with his crossing and set-piece delivery throughout the match.

3. Swiss Goalkeeper (name withheld):

Despite ending up on the losing side, the Swiss keeper made several outstanding saves to keep his team in the game, including a penalty save in the shootout.

4. English Center-Back Pairing:

The heart of England’s defense remained solid throughout, dealing with the threat of Switzerland’s counter-attacks and aerial presence at set-pieces.

5. Swiss Midfield:

After a slow start, the Swiss midfield grew into the game, controlling periods of the second half and extra time with their technical ability and tactical awareness.

Tactical Analysis

The match was a chess game between two well-drilled sides. England’s approach was based on dominating possession and creating overloads in wide areas, utilizing the crossing ability of their full-backs. This strategy was partially successful, creating several good chances, but was ultimately thwarted by Switzerland’s disciplined defensive block.

Switzerland, on the other hand, focused on maintaining their shape and looking to hit England on the counter. Their compact 4-2-3-1 formation allowed them to crowd the midfield, disrupting England’s rhythm and providing a platform for quick transitions when they won the ball.

As the game progressed and fatigue set in, both teams became more direct in their approach, leading to a more end-to-end contest in extra time. The inability of either side to find a breakthrough in 120 minutes was a testament to the quality of defending and goalkeeping on display.

Impact on the Tournament

This victory sees England progress to the next round of Euro 2024, keeping alive their dreams of European glory. The manner of the win, coming through adversity in a penalty shootout, will boost the team’s confidence and potentially exorcise some of the demons from past tournament failures.

For Switzerland, the defeat is a bitter pill to swallow after such a valiant effort. However, their performance against one of the tournament favorites will give them much to build on for future competitions.

Looking Ahead

England’s next opponent in the tournament will be eagerly anticipated by fans and pundits alike. The team’s ability to grind out a result in difficult circumstances will stand them in good stead, but questions may be asked about their failure to score in 120 minutes of open play.

Key areas for England to address include:

1. Clinical finishing:

Despite creating chances, the inability to score in regular time is a concern.

2. Midfield creativity:

Breaking down well-organized defenses remains a challenge.

3. Set-piece efficiency:

Given the team’s aerial threat, more should perhaps be made of corners and free-kicks.

For Switzerland, while their tournament journey ends here, they can take pride in their performance. Their defensive organization and counter-attacking threat caused problems for England, and these strengths can be built upon in future campaigns.


The England vs Switzerland clash in Euro 2024 will go down as a classic encounter, showcasing the drama and emotion that make international football so compelling. England’s 5-3 victory on penalties, sealed by Trent Alexander-Arnold’s cool finish, keeps their tournament dreams alive and adds another chapter to the nation’s rich footballing history.

As the competition progresses, this match will be remembered not just for its result, but for the resilience, skill, and sportsmanship displayed by both teams. For England, it’s another step towards potential glory; for Switzerland, it’s a performance to be proud of despite the heartbreaking conclusion.

With the knockout stages intensifying, football fans around the world can look forward to more excitement, drama, and perhaps a few more penalty shootouts as Euro 2024 continues to unfold.

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